Global Liberal Arts

There is a surge of interest globally in liberal arts and sciences education. Yale-NUS College in Singapore is one of many new institutions that are inspired by the ideas of the liberal arts education – one where students are educated broadly, with liberal learning in arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Liberal Arts education can free students from rigid specializations and allow them to discover new talents, and to think in new interdisciplinary ways that will prepare them to respond creatively to the challenges of the world. This site is a place where we are gathering information on global liberal arts programs, both within larger universities, and from stand-alone colleges.

At Yale-NUS College we are building one model of liberal arts and science education, which can be explored at our Yale-NUS College web site. In October of 2015 our new campus will be dedicated, and we plan to invite leaders of liberal arts institutions from across the world to help us celebrate the renaissance of liberal arts globally, as we move into a new era of undergraduate education.