General Articles and Resources for Asian Liberal Arts

Chronicle of Higher Education Article on Asian Liberal Arts –

Association of East Asian Research Universities –


“China’s Liberal Arts Colleges Going Against the Mainstream” – 

Wellesley / Beijing University Partnership for liberal arts –

“A Toast to Liberal Arts – East and West” by Catherine Hill –

T. C. Sargent, “Revolutionizing Ritual Interaction in the Classroom,” Modern China 35, no. 6 (2009): 632–661;

M. C. Nussbaum, “Democracy, Education, and the Liberal Arts: Two Asian Models,” UC Davis L. Rev. 44 (2010): 735.[1] M. Hvistendahl,

“Less Politics, More Poetry: China’s Colleges Eye the Liberal Arts,” Chronicle of Higher Education 56 (2010),

Huffington Post Article on Xing Wei College 

Blog Article on Sun-Yat Sen University and its new Bo Ya College –

Liberal Arts and China’s Christian Colleges – A Case Study with the University of Nanjing –

Hong Kong

Plan for Hong Kong Higher Education –


British Council Report – “Understanding India” –

Pawan Agarwal, “Higher Education in India – The Need for Change” –


News Article about SNU Liberal Arts College –

Chronicle Article on SNU Conference on Liberal Arts Education –


“Smith college helps launch liberal arts college in Malaysia” –

NY Times Article on Asian Women Leadership University –


“Reviving the Concept of Residential College in Taiwan: An Introductory Study” –


Prospectus on Liberal Arts at Mahidol University –

Compilation of some of the MOUs in education and a case study of Thai liberal arts –

“College of Liberal Arts Forges Ties with Thai Universities,” De La Salle University, 12 December 2012,


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